Silent Meetings on smartphones

Linguali offers an innovative and economical solution for your silent meetings.

Linguali is the first solution that allows participants to listen to the speaker(s) at a silent meeting on their smartphones (iOS and Android).

Because you don’t need to rent headset receivers for participants, Linguali reduces your equipment rental budget by 30% to 90% (!) depending on the configuration of your event.

Why else?

  • ISO standard audio quality
  • an engaging and innovative experience for users
  • unlimited connections (depends on WiFi capacity)
  • Up to 12 parallel sessions
  • reduced logistics and maintenance
  • simple sound desk integration
  • Up to 90% cheaper than renting traditional equipment!


Use Linguali for your silent meeting

Deploying Linguali for your silent meeting couldn’t be simpler. Your technicians can deploy Linguali or we are able to provide you with a complete service.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss your specific requirements, please complete the form below, providing as much information as possible.

Silent events are increasingly popular among congress, trade show and sporting event organisers. Silent events and meetings have numerous advantages:

  • flexibility in terms of layout and space planning as walls are not required
  • auditoriums and stages can be positionned in the middle of your event or trade show, without causing any disturbance
  • Enhanced attendee engagement

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