Linguali Software as a Service

Whether you are and interpreter a multilingual events organiser, with Linguali you can provide a high quality solution, conquer new markets and become more independent from traditional hardware suppliers, enhance your service offering and increase your revenues.
Since launching in 2016, Linguali has been used at hundreds of events: meeting, congresses, fairs, houses of worship, education…
Linguali, the world’s first simultaneous interpretation platform that allows participants to listen to the interpreters on their smartphone, is already used in more than 20 countries

Linguali is incredibly simple to deploy

The interpreter console works in a simple web browser on any flavor of computer, Windows, Mac or Chromebook.

The software offers every useful feature for interpretation:

  • Floor sound level (Input)
  • On-Air – Off-Air
  • visualise both micros activity
  • hand over between interpreters
  • switch from one language to the other
  • MUTE button
  • keyboard shortcuts for more efficiency

The console is simply connected to the sound desk on one side, and to the Internet on the other side:

What about you?

Linguali is the fist reliable and innovative solution for simultaneous conference interpreting on smartphones that benefits both you and your customers.

Developed by a professional interpreter, the Linguali application complies with the most demanding quality standards: perfect real-time audio, compatible with a sound desk, microphone switch between the 2 interpreters…

Many event organisers and agencies use Linguali autonomously.


  • up to 150 participants as standard (more on request)
  • installation in just a few minutes
  • Dolby Sound
  • participant web app in the browser, no mobile application to download
  • 2 languages
  • compatible with sound desk / PA or use as a “Bidule” with hand-help microphone
  • recording and transcription
  • participants can access the session from anywhere in the world (perfect for video conferencing)
  • encrypted communications
  • integration of the client’s logo, the event, or your agency’s logo in the Linguali web app
  • no contract, pay-per-use

Linguali uses Dolby Voice Solutions to garantee the best possible audio quality and to offer to both the participant and the interpreters the most natural listening experience.

Linguali SaaS Client Rates

When you wish to use Linguali for an event, you contact Linguali for the creation of the event, rates and billing are based on the number of declared participants prior to the event at the time of session creation.

As a Linguali reseller, you may benefit from a discount.


In order to provide complete information and the solution that suits you best, please provide us with (confidential) information about your needs: how many interpreters, your markets, average number and size of the mission or events you manage.