Linguali for Events Organisers

Industrial, service or trade company, government agency, NGO… as part of your activities you organize events : conferences, seminars, congresses, workshops, incentives, training….

Linguali for PCOs

Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), Association Management Company (AMC), event management agency, exhibition contractor, you make the event exist from the brief to the post-event.

As a Pure player of the event, owner of a show or conference, scientific or medical association, professional community, your events are the highlight of your year and, often your business model.

Inviting foreign speakers and bringing together an audience from different parts of the world to globalize your event is a strategic necessity. Of course, today English is the lingua franca of business. However, it is not always possible to impose English for your event. Simultaneous interpretation is a time-proven solution. But should your participants have to queue to get the headphones? Why support the logistics costs of the equipment? Are there not often too many helmets rented? Do you actually give the innovative image you claim?

By leveraging your participants’ smartphones to listen to the conference interpreter or the speaker at a Silent Meeting, Linguali opens up new perspectives! You are taking a step ahead.

Control your budget

  • reducing waste: no more flight cases of rented and unused headphones
  • by paying less per participant: at least 30% cheaper on technical posts
  • forgetting the painful deposits paid for lost and broken headphones

Simplify logistics

  • by replacing equipment delivery vans with a few laptop cases
  • by giving your volunteers and hostesses more meaningful tasks

Provide a better experience to your participants

  • by finding a new use for their smartphone
  • by freeing them from queuing for a headset
  • by providing them with flawless audio quality

Is your need recurring or occasional? Large event with several booths for hundreds of participants, or one language pair for a few participants? Linguali has a solution…


For event organisers and producers looking for a complete solution, Linguali offers the exact level of service that your require for each and every project.

Software as a Service

Simply subscribe to a Linguali Licences Plan to get totally autonomous while running your interpreting missions for your own clients. Of course, we stay on your side for support.